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From the Desk of Director ............

Central Institute of Psychiatry is a leading mental health care institute, not only in India but across the world. Building upon its glorious past, this institute remains dedicated to comprehensive and equitable patient care in the field of mental health.

I take this opportunity to introduce to you our new web-based drug information portal. This portal contains comprehensive and updated information on commonly used psychopharmacological agents in day-to-day psychiatry practice, and is primarily aimed at practising psychiatrists who are in constant need for authoritative information. This portal would also well serve physicians who are into psychiatric care at grass-root level, and who form the main bulk of such efforts in India. Further, this portal may also be used by patients and their care-givers to become more cognizant and informed.

The aim of this portal is, thus, to make information available and affordable to all stakeholders; thereby improving mental health care scenario in this country, and under similar situations abroad.

This portal is the outcome of a continuous and zealous effort on part of our institute to achieve excellence in application of simple technologies to patient care. I invite you to navigate through this portal and make the most out of the present endeavour.